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Medical Tests for Animals in Kelowna

services_Blood_Testing_01.pngBlood Testing

Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us results in approximately 1 hour. If specialized tests are required, we send the sample promptly to an out-of-town laboratory and have results within a few days.

Having our own equipment has many benefits. For example, we are able to assess a patient's blood clotting with a simple blood test. This is especially helpful in cases of rat poison ingestion and genetic blood diseases. These tests also allow us to check a patient's blood clotting before starting a surgery to prevent complications. In critically ill patients, we can make assessments based on our blood gas machine and tailor our treatments accordingly. Screening in our geriatric patients has revealed many occult conditions that we have been able to treat proactively, ultimately making a difference in their quality of life.


At Lakeshore Animal Clinic, our digital radiograph machine allows us to take accurate x-rays quickly, decreasing the stress on your pet. We do follow up X-rays after many procedures to assess how the animal is responding after surgery.

Here are a couple of interesting cases we have seen. The image on the lower left is of a cat who swallowed a key and the image on the right is of a dog who swallowed a bottle cap.

services_XRay_key_1.jpg services_XRay_bottle_cap_1.jpg

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