Senior Pet Care

At Lakeshore Animal Clinic, we have a soft spot for our elderly patients! Dr. Wilson has a special interest in dental and senior care, which are two important parts of every pets' life. We are constantly assessing new treatment programs for senior care. Above all, we want to provide a safe atmosphere using effective treatments to keep you and your pet comfortable.

We believe no pet should have to suffer through the pain of dental disease. There are many ways to prevent and treat these dental issues, including brushing your pets teeth, feeding a prescription dental diet (such as Purina DH,) and regular dental cleanings. We recommend starting to brush your pets teeth early on in life and keeping on top of it-this will keep your pet living a long and healthy life. If left untreated, dental disease can cause high levels of bacteria in the mouth, which can eventually travel through your pet bloodstream and into the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal system and heart, causing infection and disease.

Arthritis pain management is another interest for Dr. Wilson; about one third of pets over the age of seven suffer from arthritis. Our pets cant tell us when they are feeling stiff, and they wont always show us physically. It's important to do an annual physical exam with your Veterinarian, who can assess your pet for arthritis and soreness. We also recommend to keep your senior pets vaccines up to date. Some people stop vaccinating once their pet ages-it should be the opposite! Our elderly pets need to keep their immune system working well to avoid any illness or disease. 

One way to help with arthritis pain is to make sure that your pet isn't carrying around extra weight. Obesity can effect your pets joints, and has many effects on internal organs. Dogs and cats alike are much more mobile if they are the right weight. If you are concerned that your pet may be overweight, come in and talk with us about our weight loss diets. We also offer many different options for pain management medications-some are liquid, some are pills and we also have an injectable product used once weekly for a month, then every 4-6 weeks. The doctor may choose different options for each pet, which would be determined with a simple physical exam. We also can order Dr. Buzby's Toe Grips, which are rubber rings applied to your dogs' nails that improve balance and help them to not slip along the floor.

At Lakeshore Animal Clinic, we also offer Cold Laser Therapy. The laser allows us to target tissue precisely and is a great adjunct to medical, surgical and other management protocols. The picture below is a staff members' dog "Tusca" receiving treatment from the Cold Laser, which doesn't cause the pet to be uncomfortable in any way.Cold Laser treatment has been shown to benefit many conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation
  • services_Geriatric_Pet_Care_02.pngAnd a Variety of Skin Conditions

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