Safe Surgical Procedures in Kelowna

We offer a variety of surgical procedures performed in our surgical suite. Whenever your pet is in need of our special care, we are happy to provide a safe and as-comfortable-as-possible surrounding for your pet.

We perform:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Cosmetic surgery of skin tags, warts, and other growths
  • Tumor removal for cancerous growths
  • Corrective eye and eyelid surgery
  • Exploratory surgery in order to remove a foreign body from stomach or intestine or to remove an internal tumor

During your pet's stay, the best possible care will be provided and will likely include pre-surgical blood work to screen for potential complications before any surgery is performed. Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and is monitored by a trained Registered Animal Health Technologist to limit the risk of complications.

serviceS_surgeries_02.pngOther Hospitalization and Care

There may be occasions where your pet may need hospitalization in order to monitor and treat an illness. Lakeshore Animal Clinic offers safe and comfortable hospital care for your pet. As an example, Pedro is a 5-year-old Chihuahua cross who needed to be hospitalized for treatment of an aggressive skin condition that required immune-suppressive drug treatments. Pedro has a bandage on his arm where an IV catheter was placed to administer the drug treatment. Pedro made a full recovery, and his skin only requires periodic checks.

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