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Lakeshore Animal Clinic X-Rays

At Lakeshore Animal Clinic, we can have your pet's x-rays ready for viewing in about 45 minutes to an hour, if anesthetic isn’t required. The X-Ray to the left is of a dog who had knee surgery requiring metal plates in both legs. The x-rays we took helped us assess how the animal was responding after surgery.

Over the years, we have seen many interesting radiographs. Animals, being animals, have an insatiable curiosity that sometimes can land them (and their owners) in big trouble. Thankfully, with the help of our in-house radiology equipment, we are able to determine the cause of the problem very rapidly.

Here is a lighthearted look at a couple of the situations we were involved in- they thankfully turned out well for both pets and owners, but they certainly can leave you shaking your head!!!

Click on the images to enlarge- and yes, THESE ARE REAL!!!

services_XRay_key_1.jpgOn the left is the x-ray image of a cat that swallowed a key! This is probably how the story would have played out, had the cat been able to tell its tale! "My name is Fluffy and I'm a happy, furry cat who was looking for “the key to a good life”. When I found it, I figured I should swallow it! The problem was that it caused indigestion and other gastrointestinal signs (vomiting). My owner was concerned and brought me to Lakeshore Animal Clinic for an exam where the Doctor was able to “unlock” the mystery with an x-ray!"

services_XRay_bottle_cap_1.jpgOn the right is the x-ray of a dog who swallowed a bottle cap. Here is the rendition of how Dodger would have explained what happened. "My name is Dodger and I'm a hard working dog who enjoys a beer after a hard day of playing and sleeping. I had just learned a new trick - opening the bottle with my teeth! But unfortunately at that exact same moment, I inhaled and swallowed the bottle cap! My owner brought me in to that wonderful Kelowna veterinarian at Lakeshore Animal Clinic when I started having a tummy ache. The doctor took an x-ray and there was that lovely bottle cap! Next time, I'll use a bottle opener!"

Our newest equipment is a digital dental x-ray machine. This helps us to evaluate the healthiness of tooth roots which are hidden under the gum line, this helps us decide which teeth are healthy and which teeth will have to be extracted


The first photo shows a healthy tooth with healthy roots; the second shows a tooth with one damaged root, this tooth is painful for the animal and will cause an abscess, this tooth was extracted for the benefit of the animal.

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