Diagnostic Testing

Medical tests for your pet done right here in-house

Eva in lab

When your pet is sick, we understand that you want to know right away what is going on.
That's why our state-of-the-art equipment gives us results in approximately 1 hour. Right here in-house.

If specialized tests are required, we send the sample promptly to an out-of-town laboratory and have results within a few days.
Screening in our geriatric patients has revealed many occult conditions that we have been able to treat proactively, ultimately making a difference in their quality of life.

digital rads

At Lakeshore Animal Clinic, our digital x-ray machine allows us to take accurate images quickly, therefore decreasing any anxiety or stress.
We take follow up x-rays after many procedures to assess how the animal is responding after surgery.

For any pets requiring their x-rays to be evaluated by a board certified radiologist, we send digital images instantly for specialist review. These results can be expected within 24 hours and together we determine a treatment plan in a timely manner.

Your pet ate what?

Here are a couple of interesting foreign-body ingestions we have seen. The image on the lower left is of a cat who swallowed a key and the image on the right is of a dog who swallowed a bottle cap.

services_XRay_key_1.jpg services_XRay_bottle_cap_1.jpg

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